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About Idea Proyects

We are a company specialized in offering integral solutions in the design and construction of food plants.
Our vision:

To be the solution in the creation of hygienic and efficient spaces for the industry, generating added value to our clients, allies and collaborators.

IDEA Proyects
Why choose IDEA for your project:

Architectural Design Brochure

We are committed to the total satisfaction of our customers.
We are specialists in sanitary requirements in terms of structural and architectural design that must be met in the food industry.
We have a multidisciplinary work group made up of food engineers, civil engineers and architects to offer a comprehensive and specialized service.
We understand the importance of having a facility that was designed and built in terms of efficiency and profitability.
We offer a high level of control in administration and execution, we use tools that allow us to show progress in a clear, timely and efficient manner.
IDEA Hygienic Solutions
Visit our IDEA Hygienic Solutions site where you will find the best solutions for your hygienic spaces.